If Your House were Made of Glass

If your house were made of glass, would your private life be any¬†different? If you knew that people were keeping track of every choice you made, every word you said, every little thing you did, how would it change the way you lived? Integrity. It’s a rare commodity. When I was about ten or eleven, […]

Try Abstaining from Church

Our spiritual life is exactly that: it is meant to be lived. This involves a healthy diet of Scripture reading, social interaction, gathering with other followers, communal as well as personal prayer, and so on. Try abstaining from church and you’ll see what I mean. “And let us consider how to stir up one another […]

Too Busy for God?

The Lord can send all His best graces our way. But when we’re too busy for God, we’re no longer where we’re supposed to be. Life plays subtle tricks on us: enticing us with a good promotion, an exciting new project, keeping us busy with work and hobbies, and even tempting us with limitless rest […]

Depth of Mercy by Charles Wesley

Depth of mercy! Can there be Mercy still reserved for me? Can my God His wrath forbear, Me, the chief of sinners, spare? I have long withstood His grace, Long provoked Him to His face, Would not hearken to His calls, Grieved Him by a thousand falls. I have spilt His precious blood, Trampled on […]

O long and dark the stairs I trod

O long and dark the stairs I trod; With trembling feet to find my God Gaining a foothold, bit by bit, Then slipping back and losing it. Never progressing, striving still With weakening grasp and faltering will, Bleeding to climb to God, while He Serenely smiled, not noting me. Then came a certain time when […]