Too Busy for God?

The Lord can send all His best graces our way. But when we’re too busy for God, we’re no longer where we’re supposed to be.

Life plays subtle tricks on us: enticing us with a good promotion, an exciting new project, keeping us busy with work and hobbies, and even tempting us with limitless rest and relaxation. There’s nothing inherently bad about all of these, of course, until the blessing steals our hearts away from the Bless-er.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:36

Haven’t we very often heard that the best sacrifice we can offer the Lord is our lives? This by no means suggests a predilection for suicide. But think about it: What else is our life made of but time? All we have on this earth is a certain number of clock revolutions and then it’s a whole new adventure. What can we bring with us into eternity if everything we’ve invested our time in – our career, our possessions, our wealth, our fame – do not last beyond the grave?