Something very palpable

There’s something very palpable about the loneliness that comes with the holidays. They always say that when you’re living alone, it never gets as lonely as it does during Christmas or birthdays or New Year. I guessed it could be true, but now I’m actually feeling it for the first time.

I’m about to spend my very first Christmas holiday without family. It isn’t even Christmas yet and every meal I have alone feels more alone, every moment I spend by myself sounds eerier than the usual silence. Every Christmas carol becomes a sad melody that reminds me of what isn’t here anymore; I even watched Home Alone and cried at the very end (and I never have, in the thousand times I’ve watched the film).

But of course if you remind yourself of the real significance of this global holiday, of the remembrance of that night when God came to earth as a helpless little baby so that we all could share eternity with Him in ¬†heaven, the alone part won’t matter too much anymore. Because you know that the entire essence of the Christmas season is the fact that indeed, we never were, and never will have to be alone ever again.

So I’m going to give myself just until the end of this blog to feel the loneliness. And then I’m going to hit Publish and make a decision to not let the Holiday mess with my Christmas.

Greetings to all of you from the Philippines!

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