The only bad thing about coffee

So I was just enjoying a cup of coffee tonight and thought how horrible it was that I had to make sure I finished it before it turned cold and that it cooled down really quick! I live in a tropical country and we’re having summer here, and yet the rate at which coffee in a cup cools down is too fast for me.

It’s like, “Oh, I’ve got something good. Better make it last for as long as I can!” But three minutes in, you go and say, “Oops, I gotta drink it now or else it won’t be hot enough anymore!” And before you know it, you’ve got an empty cup on your table and all that goodness gone in a flash.

Isn’t that just depressing?

I think I should get myself one of those gadgets they sell that keep the temperature up in your mug — I think I spotted one of those online once. I don’t know if I can find any of them here, though. Argh.

So yeah, that’s the only bad thing about coffee — you can’t really enjoy a hot brew for longer than seven minutes.

And of course there’s the issue of the toilet.

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