5 Days in the Psych Facility


The psychiatric nursing exposure for my Master’s was a blast. We spent a week in a great city 260 km from home (didn’t really feel the distance because it was only a 25-minute plane ride) and had on-the-job training. The center catered to psychotic patients, as well as those who were undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol and drug abuse.

At the cafeteria: Healthcare workers and students having breakfast.
Daily exercise with the patients begins at 6:30 every morning.
At the nurses’ station: medications and everything else.
New admission! A positive urine drug test.
At the nurses’ station: Reviewing patients’ charts for case study selection.
Records and files at the station.
Bought these shoes at the last minute because I didn’t have any to go with my uniform. Picked them out from the men’s department.. didn’t like the girl ones so much (Sssshhh….)
Non-psychotropic medications.
Patients’ charts! Some of these are 5 volumes long. This is what you’re up against if you’re handling long-term care. Love it!

We couldn’t take pictures anywhere else, which made perfect sense. My classmates and I had an absolutely wonderful psych experience, which we still fondly reminisce and will draw inspiration from for our whatever future awaits us in the field.

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