Pastoral Ministry: A Personal Philosophy

pastoral ministry
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The ministry of spreading the Gospel is given to everyone who is born of the Spirit. In the lifelong journey of following Jesus, every individual is commissioned to spread the good news of salvation to those who have not yet heard it, thereby mobilizing the universal church. The foundations of this ministry spring from the words of Christ himself, written and preserved for future generations, in the Bible.

A generous portion of contemporary Christian literature devotes itself to the study and analysis of pastoral ministry: its highs and lows, methods that work and methods that don’t, in-depth analyses of firsthand accounts, situational research, and many more. Much of the essential points narrated in Scripture is lost in the volumes of modern work and study; however, and a return to God’s original intent for the ministry through extensive study of the Holy Book itself is imperative. Despite the fact that culture is at a constant state of change and thus requires a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability on the side of the pastor, the church must see to it that God’s purpose and plan for His children is not ultimately lost.

The truths and convictions asserted in this paper express a personal view of the core and substance of pastoral ministry that is based primarily on the tenets of Scripture and supplemented by a number of notable works by distinguished authors. It intends to provide direction for both the pastor and the congregation in developing the ministry, as well as to emphasize on the key points and elements of nurturing the growing church through milestones founded on love and obedience.

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