But Whenever I Feel Like Writing…

Okay, I’m gonna take a break and write this article for about five minutes simply because I feel like writing right now and I just have to get it out of my system.

The problem is, at the end of the day, when I usually feel like pouring out my thoughts, I always still have a few professional articles here and there I need to accomplish so my “therapy” always gets postponed and I almost always end up in bed late at night or at early dawn, tired, drained, and.. blank.

Sometimes I just want to break free from it all and simply write whenever I want to, even if I do it as seldom as once a month or as often as thrice a day.  There are moments, no matter how tired I am after a day’s work, when the only rest I find most suitable is that which leaves me sitting in front of a blank computer screen with the cursor blinking, urging me on, to just write down what thoughts fill my mind the very second they arrive — just like this here blog post.

Writing often becomes mechanical, devoid of feeling and deep thought.  Everything is shallow and only skin-deep, and it’s like all the words are there, just coming off the top of your head waiting to be recycled again and again.  That’s what usually happens when you do it to earn a living.  But ironically enough, this “emotionless” and “thoughtless” writing is the one that’s most exhausting.  After writing the very last line of a piece you get no relief whatsoever and all you can feel in your head are jumbled words and mixed phrases of all the possible combinations you could mash up for the next one.  It’s the type of writing that puts you to sleep out of exhaustion.

I’m gonna stop now.  It’s already taken me ten minutes to get to this point.  Till next post!

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  1. Boy does this post make sense to me! Content development is one of the biggest tasks at my place of business; I know I’ve written over a thousand pieces of copy. On our business blog, we write about content development, SEO, branding… all things internet marketing, basically. Sometimes I end up staring at a blank page wondering what in the world I can write about that I haven’t already said so many times before… it feels SO repetitious!

    I figured a personal blog would be different when I started Life’s Work in Progress, but alas… it’s all writing. Most of the time, my personal blogs don’t get written until the night before they’re due to go out. I end up walking around, waiting for inspiration to hit me.

    Ah, writing – how I hate to love thee!

    Great post – the line that most called to me? “Sometimes I just want to break free from it all and simply write whenever I want to, even if I do it as seldom as once a month or as often as thrice a day. ”


    1. Wow, thanks for the comment. I felt as if I was reading about me. I know exactly how you feel. Thanks!

  2. I do not write for a living, because my primary “job” is mom…but I rarely find myself getting mechanical over it. Something always stops me; things aren’t working, and force me to re-evaluate. Too much interview material, needing to look at it and figure out where I’m duplicating and don’t realize it. Stuff like that. Perhaps it’s because up to now all my writing has been on topics for which I have a passion. And if so, I have even more to be thankful for in my humble career. And more to watch out for when the kids get older and I start branching out.

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