First Session: Basic Pastoral Theology

I just got home from my first ALLTEE (Alliance Theological Education by Extension) class, and it was just amazing.  I’d mentioned taking pastoral studies before, but during time I wasn’t really enrolled in a formal curriculum; it was just a take-home self-study thing with the standard books.  Ever since our pastor became too preoccupied with other things and could no longer handle special classes, I lost the will to pursue the dream.  But a few days ago he approached me and told me I could still join the first semester.

So there I was on a dark and rainy Tuesday, meeting my classmates for the first time, and more than ready to attend my first pastoral class.  Technically, since I had already finished the first book, I was way ahead of everyone else and was able to catch on rather easily.  The two-hour class was particularly engaging, and not at all a bore.  In fact, since the entire length of the first book is all about the life and teachings of Jesus, I’ve decided to revise my personal Bible study schedule and begin another thread with the New Testament instead of having only one starting with Genesis.  I feel it can help me understand the lessons better if I read the actual Scripture.  So from today I’ll be continuing with Numbers, and at the same time going on another journey starting with the Gospels.

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  1. hey joyce! wud want to enroll in ALLTEE also, maybe when my baby’s a bit older na. do u still plan to tke up your psych nursing masters?

  2. ay, wasnt reading. you have sunday classes diay. ken also took psych nursing pero he stopped, he lacks 1 sem na lang man siguro. aikido pud siya back in high school..hehehe.. BTW, we’re only halfway through book 1, would want to finish it though. looking at your sched, it’s pretty ,much well-balanced, and you’re right, it’s God and work for His Kingdom that glues all things together. 😉

    1. omigaaaash ate kring! howd you find me?! nobody knows about this blog. ahahaha. blogger pud diay ka. ooh… gonna follow! Congratulations sa new baby! How’s motherhood treating you?

  3. you “liked” my post first baya ha. hehehe..i realized it when I read your latest post twice, with the ALLTEE, which BTW I’m glad na you enrolled. Daghan mo? We are doing okay, medyo groping sometimes but God is good and somehow, maka get through ra pud mi. Yes I’ve been blogging for quite some time now (since 2005) and I’ve lost count na as to how many times I’ve started and abandoned my blogs, so this time, I made a goal-oriented blog. 😉

    1. oh yeah I remember now! hahahaha.. but when I saw your Gravatar I didn’t recognize you. hmm.. .Same here. I’ve left a few blogs here and there, and I’m glad to have maintained this one for almost a year now. Gamay ra mi, around 9 according to them, but only 6 or so show up. Hope you and kuya Ken can join too, when you both have the time of course. Meanwhile, enjoy the new role! God is so good.

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