Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Until now I haven’t yet read a book that literally made me want to die.

I first heard of Heaven through a church sermon that I watched online.  The pastor recommended it and said it was a good read, so off I went.  At first I was amazed at how extensive the book actually was and how many chapters in consisted of, considering that heaven wasn’t really a popular topic among church services and sermons (it may have been mentioned in passing, but never elaborately described).  In fact, there were plenty of misconceptions about heaven that even Christians hold to this day.  I myself admit to having believed some of them and to having been taught a couple of myths about heaven as a kid.

Heaven will make you see the world in an entirely different light.  You’ll be able to look at everything else in a grander perspective, and eventually develop a heart that yearns for the life that awaits after physical death.  The last chapter is entitled Anticipating the Great Adventure, but you’ll see that long before you even reach the final sections of the book your heart and mind will have already been anticipating.  And yearning. And longing for home.

The writing is based on biblical facts and statements taken in context, so that readers are not misled by mere speculation and wishful thinking as a product of erroneous human interpretation.  The author is also direct and honest to point out some details and elements that may be debatable.

Heaven sheds light on the following questions:

  • Is heaven our default destination . . . Or is hell?
  • Can you know you’re going to heaven?
  • What will it mean to see God?
  • What will the resurrected earth be like?
  • Will we desire relationships with anyone except God?
  • Will animals, including our pets, live again?
  • What will we do in heaven?
  • And many more…

If you ever get the chance to visit your local bookstore, I suggest you go ahead and grab yourself a copy.  Start learning what our real home is actually like.  After all, if we’ve received Christ, that home is exactly where we’ll be spending the rest of eternity.

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